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"There's practical value for Field Made Co.'s indicator labels, it doesn't hurt that the labels are aesthetically pleasing."
"Useful as well as visually impressive and professional."
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"Field Made has come to the rescue, bringing some order and swagger to your kitbag with stylish lens and camera body indicators."

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"I continue to be impressed with both the quality of your product and the speed and efficiency it is delivered. The packaging is also impressive. All around, this experience is a cut above what we have come to expect from on-line purchasing."

Greg S.

"I must admit, I never thought I would need the cap stickers! They have proven to be a very worthwhile, inexpensive investment."

Cynthia S.

"To those people who think they’re a waste of money and say a piece of tape and permanent marker is all you need- that’s cool. I just happen to like my gear looking a little more professional and well cared for than using gaffer tape.

Crosby T.

"Took no time and zero effort yet it looks amazing!"

Ryan M.

"These stickers are perfectly crafted and they look fantastic on my Nikon Z lenses. It is rare to find a product that is perfect these days - this is one - they are perfect."

Robert D.

"The quality is amazing and I loved the handwritten note! Can’t wait to see what else you guys put out!"

Brett C.

"Don’t know why I didn’t have anything like this sooner. Small cost to make your life just a wee bit easier but your gear look so much better."

Luke S.

"The stickers make it much easier to grab the right lens from the bag as well as help to keep track of gear while out at events."

Rob S.

"I’m a wilderness photographer, and for years fought the problem of finding a specific lense when I’m in a rush…Now I’ve found these!  Remarkable idea."

Duane S.

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Keep All Your Shoot & Lighting Set-ups in One Place

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The Perfect Companion for On-the-Go Creatives

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Little Gems to Help Flaunt Your Passion

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