The Field Made Co Story

How it All Started

Field Made Co. was founded on the south shore of Montreal during the heart of the pandemic by lifelong partners JF and Vivian, a couple with twenty years of image-making experience who shared a dream of creating something unique. Inspired by their own journey and the belief that simplicity can be powerful, Field Made Co brings a fresh perspective to photography accessories.

They drew inspiration from their own experiences, learning to appreciate the importance of details and craftsmanship. This ethos of simplicity and dedication to every detail laid the foundation for Field Made Co's innovative approach to creating products that blend functionality with purpose.

Prepared & Steadfast

Everyone has a few words they carry around as their emblems, held up high to guide them and remind them of what they are here for, and these are ours. For us, it means being prepared for every moment, knowing our gear inside out, and never leaving anything to chance.

Steadfastness is our unwavering dedication to our art, pushing through challenges and staying true to our vision.

The result? Professionalism. It's the hallmark of every accomplished photographer, encompassing a wide range of qualities: reliability, attention to detail, respect for clients and subjects, and the ability to handle every situation with grace and composure.

Collaborate With Us

Let's connect and create together! Whether you're a fellow creative or a company with a shared passion for visual storytelling, we're eager to explore new opportunities. Drop us a line using the form below.

Field Made Co

CP 242 St-Bruno de Montarville, Quebec, Canada, J3V 4P9