Field Made Co's Journey Spotlighted by Prograde Digital

Prograde Digital, a leading name in the realm of memory card products, has spotlighted our journey in one of their recent articles. It's truly a humbling experience to witness our narrative captured through the lens of another.

In a world saturated with tales of resilience, Prograde Digital has chosen to showcase the authentic journey of Field Made Co—a brand that found its footing amidst the pandemic's upheaval. From our origins on the south shores of Montreal to establishing a global presence across 70 countries, the trajectory of J.F. and Vivian is genuinely inspirational. Our brainchild, Field Made Co, is now synonymous with innovation, quality, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence in the field of photography and filmmaking.

The article delves into more than just crafting labels; it encapsulates our ethos of embracing change, navigating challenges, and turning adversity into opportunity. From clandestine meetings with printers during a global lockdown to garnering attention from renowned platforms, each chapter of our journey stands as a unique story.

Thank you, Prograde Digital, for being a part of our narrative and for amplifying our journey to a broader audience. We look forward to continuing this exciting adventure and sharing more stories together in the future.

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